If you are one of those whose kitchen turns out like a war zone after any attempt at making a meal, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are simple steps and ways to restore your kitchen to its former glory. Read on for the list of ways to maintain your kitchen and to prevent it from reaching that state again.

1) Wash and dry tableware and utensils immediately after each use

Rather than letting dishes pile up after 3 meals which turns dishwashing into a dreadful chore, wash up and dry them straight after 1 meal and that will only take you 5 to 10 minutes. Drying immediately also prevents watermarks on your dishes and reduces visible clutter on the drying rack.

2) Store unused tableware in cabinets

You may also want to keep away any cookbooks, recipes, half eaten food, and letters off the table! Cooking grease combined with dust is a terrible combination you can have on anything, and they sure are tough to remove if accumulated over a long period of time.
Reserve some counter space for just 2 to 3 most-used appliances such as the microwave oven and coffee maker, and we promise you this would make your kitchen look less messy and cleaning will be much easier!

3) Wipe down grease and oil from kitchen stove after every use

Nothing says urgh like grime marks! They can be tough to remove and unpleasant to the eye if you let them accumulate on the stove. Use a good kitchen cleaner and wipe down after every use.

4) Wash your sink at the end of the day to prevent grime build up

Especially if you cook a lot! Grime build-up dulls your sink and will not sit beautifully in a minimalist kitchen. What’s more, kitchen sinks are covered with more germs than you think, given how much food residue are deposited on a daily basis!

5) Use a non-toxic kitchen cleaner to wipe down counter tops daily

This also includes your appliances such as the oven and hood. If your goal is to achieve a squeaky-clean kitchen, then get to work! Spray on a damp cloth with bio-home Kitchen Cleaner and wipe down after every use to prevent grease build up.

6) Dispose all waste at the end of the day to prevent bacteria growth

This is essential for your kitchen, as leaving trash overnight can result in foul smells the next day. Not to mention, you’re harbouring tonnes of germs and most probably food waste which may attract unwanted pests.

7) Minimise duplicates

When your cabinets are packed to the brim with crockery and gadgets spilling over to counter tops, it’s time to purge your unnecessary belongings! Start with items that are easy to get rid of, such as drinking bottles, glasses that you no longer use, and utensils. Afterwhich proceed to reconsider keeping bulkier items, such as the waffle-maker (how often do you use it?).
Achieving a clutter-free kitchen is indeed tough, especially for modern homes where kitchen spaces are constrained. Keeping items off the counter tops make your kitchen look wider and more pleasant on the eye, plus it’s definitely going to be easier to clean!
The bio-home Kitchen Cleaner has got you covered with a rinse-free formula. Though it’s made from 100% plant-based active ingredients, it’s tough on grease and grime, yet safe for you and your family.
The best of all, it’s suitable to be used on the kitchen counter, stove, oven, kitchen hood and even the sink!
bio-home Kitchen Cleaner comes in two fragrances and are retailing at $5.50 per bottle. They can be found in major retail stores including Cold Storage, Giant, FairPrice, FairPrice Online, Prime, Redmart and Sheng Siong.
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